The Alone Traveler is you, me, and everyone who loves to travel solo.

As for me, I’m a guy from the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio who realized I was doing the same thing every single day and it was driving me mad.

Having always had a creative mind and a wanderlust, I decided to pursue a career in freelance writing to allow myself the freedom to work out of a backpack from anywhere I like. I’m currently in the process of building my brand, finding more clients and determining the proper course of action to achieve the life I want to live.

I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with an Associate of Arts and didn’t study as hard as I should have.

My goal for TheAloneTraveler.com is to share engaging stories and travel tips from around the world in hopes of improving lives, administering confidence, and showing that we’re all in this together.

With The Alone Traveler, you’re never alone when you travel alone.